The Axe — This is a small book about the daily disconnections of our society and reality. It is ought to act like an axe, slicing its way through the wrongly wired synapses of our brains.
The Axe
The Axe (2007)

Format: 10.5 x 14.8 cm
Pages: 124, colored

Cocoa Fruit
Page 9 – 10
Cocoa Fruit
Page 13 – 14
Page 23 – 24
Page 97 – 98
Page 119 – 120
The intention of this small book – created in collaboration with Patrick Waterhouse – has been to depict the disconnections of our society in a simple and universal visual language. The entire book omits writing, everything is told in pictures taken from the internet.

Shape and size of the resulting publication is based upon the most successful book ever published, the bible – it is small and accessible. The content of The Axe forms an abstract narrative covering the fundaments of humanity, such as religion, politics, culture, media, war, food, sexuality, technology and consumption.

Editorial, Design
April 2007
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