The Economist — We developed the data visualization of The Economist's new annual index, measuring business environments for female entrepreneurs.
Comparing countries.
Criteria break-down.
The health of a nation is most likely related to the status of its female citizens. Women make countries flourish — if they are given the freedom.

This fact was the base of The Economist's strategy to create a new index that will put soft pressure on countries which aren't providing female entrepreneurs with a business-friendly environment.

The Economist's intelligence unit analysed twenty countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Via Unit9 they asked Etter Studio to interpret this data and design an interactive visualization which would work for desktop computers, as well as mobile devices.

We structured the data into three main categories: Ranking, Criteria and Insights. Our assumption was that the audience first would like to see how their country performs in relation to the others (Ranking). Then, they would be curious how this data is measured (Criteria). And finally, to get a deeper understanding of what these numbers mean (Insights).

For each of these three criteria we then visualized the data, while keeping it clean, functional and readable. We also commissioned the talented illustrator Charlotte Trounce. Her beautifully organic illustrations should set a balanced counter-point to the rather technical data representation.

Logic, Data Visualization, Design
The Economist
Unit9, London
September 2013
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