Stock Exchange of Visions — A system initiated to host, index and rate the visions of the world’s leading artists, activists and scientists.
User Interface
Visualization by Gregor Kuschmirz.
Some of the mighty visionaries that we video interviewed for the index.
A interactive installation was created, whereby visitors can explore the thoughts of some of the best thinkers across the globe on selected topics. We were then asked to translate this installation to the internet. In collaboration with Austria’s Peter Kerschhofer we have developed a website whereby users can browse all short video interviews and rate them by agreeing or disagreeing.

An algorithm uses these ratings to create an index, evaluating all visions and topics, just like stocks on the stock exchange. But unlike the stock exchange the points of each speaker and vision are driven by the audience's vote, thus making it a truly democratic experience.

The The Stock Exchange of Visions project was commissioned by Fabrica (United Colors of Benetton) and Paris’ Centre Pompidou, the concept is based on an original idea by Gregor Kuschmirz.

Concept, Design, Production
Fabrica, Villorba
Centre Pompidou, Paris
Ervin Laszló, Budapest
Al Gore, Nashville
Youssou N’Dour, Dakar
Vandana Shiva, New Delhi
Herman E. Daly, Maryland
Bruce Mau, Toronto
Ignacio Ramonet, Paris
Ray Kurzweil, New York
Godfrey Reggio, New Orleans
Centre George Pompidou, France
Triennale Milano, Italy
Shanghai Art Museum, China
Shiodomeitalia Creative Center, Japan
July 2006
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